Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Golden Age Heroes - Flying Fist & Bingo

Once again the names are both a little lame and once again they originated from the Prize Comics publishing house. They appeared in about 12 issues but I've only seen one. They are touring performers who bill themselves as "The complete vaudville show," and claim to be proficiant in songs, dancing, juggling, ventriloquism and just about anything else anyone can name. Flying Fist also had a knack for solving puzzles, which inevitably involved them in battling criminal elements. In one panel of the story I've read Flying Fist is referred to as Bingo's brother so that apparently was their relationship - maybe from a performing family. They also didn't seem to have secret identities so maybe it was Flying Fist and his brother Bingo Fist. Again, I'm not sure the bad guys would cringe in fear at the mere mention of Bingo's name but they did have a fairly health run for the Golden Age of comics. Of the two action figures, Flying Fist was made from a Bruce Wayne figure, while Bingo was made using a Mattel Secret Wars Daredevil figure and the head from a Toy Biz Robin.
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