Thursday, April 1, 2010

Golden Age Custom Action Figure - The Liberator

The Liberator was another early Golden Age patriotic hero - this one from the company with multiple names (Better/Standard/Nedor at various times) - and first appeared in Exciting Comics in 1941. The Liberator was, in reality, mild-mannered Professor Nelson Drew, who was transformed by a liquid substance called "Ancient Egyptian Lamesis." In the two stories I've read of the Liberator's adventures he carries the stuff around in a bottle marked as poison and the bad guys feed it to him thinking it will kill the professor rather than turning him into an indestructible superhero. Well, sort of indestructible. In both stories he gets conked on the head and rendered unconscious even though he gets caught in an explosion and survives without a hair out of place later on. I guess he only gets knocked out when it's convenient to the story. I used a Daredevil body, Silver Surfer arms and the head from an old Visionary figure as the basis for this figure. Have I mentioned what a pain it is to paint little bitty stars?

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