Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I've run a couple of posts about Bizarro, DC Comics faulty duplicate of Superman and Superboy, so I thought it was about time to present the Bizarre one himself. Bizarro originally appeared as a duplicate of Superboy in 1958, which is where I first saw him. He was destroyed at the end of that story, which presented him as a super version of the Frankenstein Monster. Soon after the adult version appeared with the fractured language and the "wrong is right, back is front" sort of outlook on life. Bizarro was one of those villains who really wasn't so much villainous as he was super-powered and blundering. When he takes Bizarro Lois Lane off to find a place for themselves he creates the square Bizarro World and then starts making Bizarro duplicates of Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Batman and the Justice League, etc, etc. I always rather enjoyed the stories so I had to try to make the character. On the right is the teenage version, for which I used a CHIPS Jimmy Squeaks figure (same as I used for the juvenile Superboy) with the head from a PVC X-Man Colossus. The adult Bizarro on left was made from a Toy Biz Superman with a Colossus head, a backward "S" symbol on the chest and a placard saying Bizarro #1 hung around the neck.

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