Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sunset Gang

The Sunset Gang made their initial appearance in the pages of Batman Family No. 12, July-August 1977 in a Man-Bat story. They are robbing a museum when Man-Bat intervenes. There's three guys and a girl, but the girl is packing heat in the form of a tricked out flashlight - I have one of those. As Man-Bat is attacking them he's bitten by a Jaguar that has gotten loose from the zoo. When the girl flashes her flashlight on him Man-Bat turns into a Were-Jaguar. See, the flashlight is actually radiating concentrated moonlight (remember I am not making this up). Man-Bat/Werejag ends up being chased around the park by well-meaning police who insist on shooting at him. However, when the sun comes out he reverts to his old self. With the rainbow across their costumes I don't know why these guys didn't name themselves the Rainbow Gang - sounds just as threatening as the Sunset Gang. Anyway, I liked the look of them and decided to do action figures. I used a Kenner Batman & Robin Batgirl figure for the girl, a Robin figure from the same movie with a Toy Biz Daredevil head for one of the guys and a Toy Biz Flash and a Superpowers Collection Flash for the other two guys. Most of the work here was Dremeling the details off their costumes and then painting.

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