Friday, August 3, 2012

Superman Robots

In my last post I featured Powerman, a disguised robot Superman used on a case. Superman actually used a lot of robots over the years, from the time he was Superboy, into adult-hood. Then at some point there was a story line that made all the robots have some problem or other - we didn't call them viruses back then - and he stopped using them for a long time. They did make a comeback later but maybe more on that later. So he had Clark Kent robots and regular Superman robots, which he seemed to produce in large numbers. Sometimes - depending on the story details - they were smarter than at other times. Of course the easy thing would be to just have a few extra Superman figures to portray the robots, but you know I couldn't just leave it at that. So I took a Toy Biz Superman and cut an opening in his chest. Then I cut out his back and pulled out a radio-like device from my parts box, painted it silver and put a red crystal in it, then glued it in his chest. I glued the door on the front and replaced the back, which was covered by the cape. Later I took a Superpowers Collection Superman, took his head off and hollowed out the neck and stuffed some wires in the cavity to make it look like his head was undergoing maintenance. So I've got a couple of Superman robots now.


  1. Ha! I love these. So simple yet so incredibly effective. You have to be one of the most prolific action customizers around.

  2. Thanks for the nice words. I have done a lot of them over the years. I think it's a great hobby and the blog lets me revisit how I did them and how I got better at it.