Wednesday, August 1, 2012


This is another project that is based on something I remembered from my childhood. From World's Finest No. 94, May-June 1958, the basic story is a vehicle for telling the story of Superman and Batman's first case together. It starts off with Luthor on the loose again. Batman and Robin travel to Metropolis to offer their help in case Luthor pulls a hunk of Kryptonite from his back pocket, but Superman has himself a new partner--Powerman--a masked hero who seems to have great strength but can't fly. By the end of the story it is revealed that Superman was afraid of risking the lives of Batman and Robin in a battle with Luthor so he adapted one of his robots as Powerman. I really liked the look of the character and so did Mark Waid and Alex Ross who used him in their limited series "Kingdom Come." This was one of my early sculpting efforts and I'm forced to pick holes in it. I used epoxy putty over the head to make the hood, but didn't shape it very well and didn't put the ear pieces on it. Then I was not as good at painting circles so his chest emblem is skewed. I may actually go back and redo this one at some time. I made him from a Superpowers Collection Superman figure and used the cape off a Dr. Fate.

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