Friday, August 24, 2012

Hero - Not So Much

OK, so this alien rocket lands on earth and inside is this guy in a yellow suit. Lois Lane is immediately fascinated and when a team of scientists can't awaken him she bends down to kiss him and he wakes up. Calling himself Hero he he starts doing heroic deeds - well, sort of. He has some superpowers, like superspeed, and he can make it so things, like projectiles, pass through him. Lois is smitten - well, sort of. Because he acts rather strangely. When he takes her on a mission he grabs her by her hair. Rather than save a burning ship he sinks it. You know, stuff like that. In the end it turns out that Hero is an imperfect duplicate of the Flash. That's right, he's from the Bizarro world, where they do everything backward. Bizarro No. 1 was trying to create a Justice League (or Injustice League) and trained the ray on Flash. But sometimes the ray doesn't work right at first. At the end of the story Hero turns into a Bizarro and happily returns to Bizarro World - I have one of those by the way. Anyway, the Composite Superman I featured yesterday was one of my more complex conversion projects so today I wanted to feature one of my easier jobs. With a few minor touches I basically repainted a Toy Biz Flash figure yellow and, voila, we have Hero.

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