Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kelly Jean

I hadn't run a "celebrity" post for a while and thought I would put this one up. The girl in the picture is Kelly Jean, a model I met at the Motor City Comic Con. Kelly had a table set up at the entrance to the celebrity area at the show and she had some pictures for sale and a couple of other girls that were with her. She was very pleasant and I bought an autographed picture and had one taken with her. She talked about photo sessions but I really didn't pay too much attention and took one of her cards. I was tired, having driven ten hours to get there, and wanted to get a few autographs and check out some action figures, then get to the hotel and rest. I figured I could check it out a little more the following day, but when I went to the show on Saturday there was no sign of Kelly Jean and her friends. When I got home and was going through my pictures from the show I found her card and looked up her website. Turns out it looked like Kelly Jean was more like an escort than just a model. I suspect the reason she wasn't back on Saturday is because the show people figured that out too. Never know what you'll find at a show. But she was cute.

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