Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Time Commander

John Starr was a scientist in Gotham City and when his boss disappeared he turned to crime. Captured by the police (yeah, the Gotham police do sometimes apprehend someone without the aid of Batman) and sent to jail he had an opportunity to work in a laboratory at the "escape-proof" prison. Somehow he harnesses the speed of light and creates a time machine shaped like an hour glass (remember folks, I don't make this stuff up) and takes himself back in time to before the prison was built so he can just walk away. (What a great idea - boy are there some events in my life I'd love to go back in time and try another way - maybe several times). He discovers the secret identities of Batman and Green Lantern by peering through time and then imprisons Batman and assumes his identity. He tricks GL into sharing some of that emerald power to enhance his own device and traps GL and Batman in time. They escape by shattering his time device and back to prison he goes. He escapes again, but then don't most of them, but gets himself defeated once more. Maybe he appeared more times but I'm not sure. Anyway, when I was making the figure the big challenge was to create the hour-glass device. I used a couple of wooden pieces shaped like hand-held school bells and glued them together. I put the screw eye of a chain in one end and glued the chain around the figure's waist. The little side strips were made from card stock. The figure was made using a Toy Biz Daredevil body and arms and Silver Surfer head and legs while the cape was cut from T-shirt material. I actually had to do a bit of sewing to shape the hood - and I am no seamstress.

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