Friday, August 17, 2012

Velvel Tiger

Lani Gilbert and her brother Ward owned a computer manufacturing company called Gilcom, based in Gotham City. Turns out that Lani moonlighted as an extortionist and blackmailer who assumed the persona of the Velvet Tiger. After she came into contact with Batgirl and Hawk and Dove it was revealed that Lani had a special, unexplained ability to step between seconds into something she called a "temporal pocket," which she can move in and out of at will, appearing to have super speed and other powers. While this gives her a lot of capability to confound and gather information for her crimes, it exhausts her physically and apparently also ages her. In reality Lani is ten years old but has reached the physical maturity of a person in their twenties - I think I've met a couple of women like that - just kidding. I used a Toy Biz Jean Grey body and the head from a Black Cat to make Velvet. I used cotton balls to form the costume accessories.

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