Friday, August 31, 2012

Skull Gang

Talk about your Villains Obscura - this was one of several gangs that showed up in Metropolis to harass our heroic Superman Family, like Intergang and the 100. Lois Lane tracks someone she suspects may be their leader to a disco - this was in the 1970's after all - where she finds this crew, all dressed alike. But they turn the tables on her and she ends up part of their mind-control experiments, sent to murder Clark Kent of all people. He manages, switching quickly back and forth from Clark to Superman, to break her out of the trance so she doesn't have to blast away fruitlessly at him with the gun Skull provided. Now wasn't that nice? Why do these gangs even go to Metropolis? Would you set up a criminal combine in a town patrolled by the Man of Steel? I think not!!! Anyway, I used the Toy Biz X-Man figure of Cyclops, which I seemed to have a ton of, to make the Skull Gang. A little Dremeling to remove some unwanted details, a bit a paint and there you have it - the Skull Gang. I actually have one more member to feature from this crew.

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