Monday, August 20, 2012

Cat-Man - Killer

Last post I featured Cat-Man from the 1960's, but by the 1990's there was a much harder edge to the character. In Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight No. 46, June 1993 he's become a cold-blooded killer and thief. He implicates both the Batman and Catwoman in his crimes, which only serves to get both of them on his trail. This guy is a burglar but that's only icing on the cake. His real pleasure is the kill and it's clear he has an agenda to his murders. And people wonder why I like the Golden Age better!! This guy could be the poster boy for Psycho-Babble Incorporated. He even goes after a Bikini-clad weather girl from a TV station. Now I ask you - who wouldn't like a bikini-clad weather girl? Well, what guy anyway? He was so grim I decided to do a figure of this Cat-Man. I used a Spider-Man figure and crafted the ears from epoxy putty. The claws were a GI Joe accessory I do believe. Anyway, if you like 'em dark this is the guy for you.

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