Sunday, August 19, 2012


DC's version of Cat-Man has a rather interesting history. There was a Catman in the Golden Age published by Holyoke who, teamed with his sidekick Kitten (one of the few females in that role during the period), actually had a fairly long-lasting career for the Golden Age. Then the Blackhawks had a Catman villain who predated the first appearance of the Batman villain - I've featured both of these earlier versions in previous posts, check 'em out! Then the Batman villain featured here appeared in Detective Comics #311, January 1963, at the end of which story he apparently drowns. Then he reappears in Detective Comics #318, at the end of which he seemingly dies in a boating accident - didn't he get it that cats don't like water? Then he reappears in issue #325 - well, you're getting the idea. His costume morphed a little over time and when it finally came to doing an action figure of the character I decided on the version you see here, which is a bit of an amalgam. I used the body and legs from a Toy Biz Daredevil figure and the arms and head from a Toy Biz Batman. The cloth cape is cut from T-shirt material. Next post I'll feature another Cat-Man from DC.

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