Monday, August 13, 2012


As promised I'm offering some DC Comics villains - some of the more obscure ones to be sure. Everybody has a Joker figure or a Riddler, but how many have a Quakemaster in their collections??? I do!!! Anyway, he was one I did rather early on in my customizing career because I didn't figure DC Direct was going to make a figure of him. Quakemaster started life as architect Robert Coleman who sort of had to find another line of work when one of his apartment buildings fell down in a hurricane. Bitter, he adopted the guise of the Quakemaster (no, I don't know why he didn't use an identity based on a hurricane) and created a machine that would generate earthquakes. Unfortunately the only buildings it brought down were some of his. Batman captured him and he did some jail time over the years, popping up from time to time like a bad penny - or the occasional earthquake. I know this was one of my early efforts because I actually used enamel paint for the green, yellow and white parts. Enamel tends to remain sticky and tacky on many plastics so I always use and recommend acrylics. I used a Toy Biz Silver Surfer body and the head from a Daredevil for Quakemaster.

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