Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Dark Avenger

Two brothers are waylaid by three members of a street gang calling themselves the Rat Pack (didn't Sinatra and the boys have a lock on that Moniker?). The brothers are taken to a cellar where Gerald is subjected to gnawing pet rats and confesses his brother Arthur has a couple of hundred dollars stashed away. The gang send Arthur to get the money but the Dark Avenger shows up and beats the crap out of the gang and frees Gerald, who seems to think that maybe he knows the man behind the mask. Turns out it's Arthur, who works in a rare metals factory (really, they have factories for that? I thought the government had a lock on rare metals). Arthur finds a meteorite of VERY rare metals and manages to fashion the material into an indestructible suit, making him impervious to bullets and that sort of pesky nonsense. As far as I know the Dark Avenger only had one adventure in the back pages of Phoenix No. 3 (more on him later) and then slipped off to comics oblivion along with the rest of the Atlas stable. I used a Toy Biz Silver Surfer body and the head, arms and legs from a Daredevil for the figure and fashioned the cape out of some material I had at hand. Since this was an early conversion I wasn't using T-shirt material at the time.

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