Thursday, March 8, 2012

Phoenix from Reykjavik

So there were these three astronauts who had to evacuate this space station and return to earth in a hurry and crash-landed in the arctic. Two of them were killed when the capsule exploded but Ed Tyler was blown clear. He was taken down to an underground complex by these aliens who have basically been fiddling with the human race since they were swinging from trees and informed that this earth thingy was all an experiment that went awry. So they were about to blow up the planet! Not good. So Ed escapes, taking an alien suit with him when he goes and with it he finds he can manipulate the atomic structure of the universe. The aliens are attacking Reykjavik, Iceland so he saves the city and thus becomes - are you ready for it - the Phoenix of Reykjavik. He basically battles the aliens for a total of three issues before disappearing, also fighting Yetis the aliens controlled and an alien made up like Satan along the way. In one panel he's actually referred to as the man of the atom, which really sort of makes him a Dr. Solar clone (see previous post). For this Atlas Comics Phoenix I used a Toy Biz Spider-Man with the head from a Punisher.

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