Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Superboy - Punker

This roads not taken version of Superboy has Kal-El landing in a post-apocalyptic world a little on the order of Mad Max. Civilization has broken down and those who aren't living in small, agricultural communities are mostly on the road in any type of vehicle they've managed to cobble together. Some of these are large and powerful and some are driven by wind or sunlight at slow speeds. The punkers rule the roads and the communities are in virtually constant conflict with them. Small police forces are overwhelmed by the violence and mostly try to look after themselves and their families. Kal, who is known as Cal, is raised in one of the communes, but one day while he is away it is ravaged by one of the punker gangs. Cal sets himself a quest to rid the world of these violent punker gangs. The question is whether or not that task is within even his great power. The Cal figure is from GI Joe parts with a Superpowers Collection Superman cape. The punk girl is another one of the Phoenix Follies figures.

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