Saturday, March 31, 2012

Superboy - The Brit

This time in our roads not taken alternate universe Kal-El's spaceship lands in the British Isles. He is taken in and adopted by a wealthy family, Ian and Edith Kent. Ian is the scion of a wealthy noble family who has managed to hang onto their money over the years and Kal-El, now named Clark (what else), is adopted into privilege and sent to the finest exclusive schools. However, as it turns out, mom and dad actually work for British intelligence on the side and try to avoid letting their son in on, although he sort of figures it out. Of course this was somewhat inspired by Harry Potter but also by the time I spent living in England. Clark's superpowers sort of develop between home and school so if the parents are keeping secrets from him he's keeping even bigger secrets from them. As a matter of fact, Clark stumbles on their little secret with his super hearing and X-Ray vision. Then he helps them out on a couple of cases without them even being aware that's where the assistance came from. The Superboy figure is a bunch of GI Joes put together and painted in a more traditional manner - after all, this is set in a more traditional country, right. The Harry Potter figure represents Clark, if you hadn't already figured that out.

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