Monday, March 19, 2012

Superboy - Resistance Fighter

In my continuing roads not taken series of posts we have Superboy on another dark and dangerous earth. This time out America is being ruled by a dictator, his secret police and an army of storm troopers, all committed to the continued rule and well-being of their master. Kal-El has been raised by a family of pacifists who have learned to survive by staying under the radar. However, as Kal reaches his later teen years he becomes increasingly disenchanted with the pacifist way of life and decides he needs to make a difference and rock the proverbial boat. Part of his incentive is a bad-ass biker chick who makes tip and run raids against the ruling establishment and tries to make the authorities appear ineffectual. She is, of course, Lana Lang, and Kal is smitten with her hot chick persona. When she's captured he breaks her out of a maximum security prison and the two of them, along with a few other costumed vigilantes, begin to sew the seeds of change in an oppressive society. Again, I tried to give Superboy a little different look with the waders and no sleeves. He still wears a cape, which I was a little conflicted about, but what the heck - he is the boy of steel. Superboy was made from various GI Joe parts and the cape is from a Superpowers Collection Superman. The figure I used for Lana is a biker chick from the English Phoenix Follies line, now available under that name from a French company. She was wearing a helmet so I had to do a little sculpting on her hair.

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