Thursday, March 15, 2012

Superboy - Hooded

I've been discussing Superboy and roads he might have taken had things been different. This time up we have a bleak world where mercenary gangs rule the mean streets of overpopulated and violent cities. He had been raised on those mean streets by a family who had a mom-and-pop business and had been killed in the cross-fire of the mercenary power struggle. He had been raised next door to the Langs, with whose daughter Lana he had developed a much stronger bond than he did in his normal universe. As a result, when he revealed his powers to her when they were young she encouraged him to try to make a difference and the pair drew to themselves like-minded people who would aid in their campaign. Adopting a hooded costume that he considered more intimidating and with Lana (despite not having any superpowers) decked out in a similar fashion the pair of them attempt to lead their world into a brighter tomorrow. How romantic. Oh well, I'm just making this up as I go along. Anyway, I used a number of different GI Joe body parts for Superboy and a GI Joe Scarlet for Lana, with a couple of capes from the Superpowers Collection Superman for good measure.

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