Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Superboy in the 45th Century

Continuing with my Superboy-Roads Not Taken theme, this is the first post concerning my own versions of Superboy as he may have appeared in alternate universes and story-lines. In this case I envisaged Superboy's rocket to earth getting caught in a wormhole and zapped into the future. Far into the future. Into the 45th Century as a matter of fact. There he encounters an earth that is ruled by huge corporations and threatened by high-tech criminals (gosh, sounds just like this century now that I think about it). One of the biggest of the corporate bosses is - you guessed it - a descendant of Lex Luthor, who actually owns other worlds. Baby Kal-El is discovered by a family who is operating under the radar in a city of the future and they manage to keep him rather sequestered for many years until the authorities realize he doesn't have an implanted ID chip. From then on out Kal-El must struggle against armored warriors nearly as powerful as he is and a Luthor who wants to turn him into a laboratory experiment into producing an army of super powered, obedient soldiers. The figure is a Animated Batman Tim Drake Robin repainted. I did a similar figure for my alternate earths modern Superboy group of figures so check that out too.

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