Thursday, March 29, 2012

Superboy - Dinosaur Land

In this alternate roads not taken universe Kal-El lands on an earth that has resurrected dinosaurs in a "Jurassic Park" kind of experiment that has gotten totally out of hand. They got lose, they thrived and now they are actually endangering the human race. Smaller than their prehistoric counterparts, these dinosaurs are quick, agile and unrelenting. Kal-El was taken in by Professor Lang and his family and raised alongside Lana, being given the name Lathaam Lang. The family soon realizes he possesses extraordinary powers which, as he grows older, helps them survive in an increasingly brutal and violent world where evolution has turned on those who would tinker with it. Additionally, groups of hunters and scavengers trek the back woods, seeking quickly disappearing technology and trying to eradicate a species that has learned to adapt to man's world. During Lathaam's adventures he meets a young woman about his own age who has gone truly native and survives on her own in the wilderness. Her name is Lois Lane and the two of them soon strike up something more than just a friendship. The Lathaam Lang figure was made using various GI Joe parts. There's actually an S-symbol on the back of his vest. Lois is another of the Phoenix Follies figures from England, now marketed in France.

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