Thursday, March 22, 2012

Superboy - Gear-Head

This time around in my roads not taken alternate Superboy universes we have the speed racer version of the boy of steel. This time Kal-El's spaceship lands in a field near the garage of a stock car racing family, the Gibbins. Pops retrieves the baby from the wreckage and the family takes him in and raises him around fast cars and the smell of gasoline and burning rubber. Pops is a good man and always plays straight, which doesn't always get him where he'd like to be. There's also an older son named Rico, who acts as big-brother, who is a race car driver. Kal-El is given the nickname of Rocky because when he was small he fell on the floor and when his head struck he cracked the hard-wood. In his teens Rocky starts his career as Superboy and battles a succession of bad guys, some associated with racing and some not. Lana Lang (figure on left) is sort of a race-track groupie but the boy of steel still harbors a crush on her. I liked the idea here of Superboy having a big brother and being associated with something other than farming. Some of you may think that I hate Lana Lang because I'm always turning her into a bad girl, but I just think she could have been written a lot more interesting than she was. Superboy is again made from GI Joe parts, the tank-top really making him look middle class, with a cape from the Toy Biz Superman. Lana is another Phoenix Follies figure with a beer can on her hip and a come-hither stance.

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