Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Superboy - Ninja

Continuing my roads not taken posts we have the Ninja Superboy. This time Kal-El arrives on earth but it is an earth that is quite different (for him) because instead of the nice yellow globe that is our sun, in this particular universe the earth's sun is orange. Not red, so he does have some powers, but not yellow so those powers are reduced. For example, he really can't fly but he can leap great distances; he's not invulnerable but he is resistant to physical injury and while bullets may not penetrate his skin because it has some give they can break a bone underneath; his X-Ray vision allows him to see through fabric or wood, like walls, but not tree trunks or rocks; and he might be able to give you a hot-foot with a stare but he couldn't cleave you in half with heat vision even if he wanted to. Kal-El lands in an area controlled by many peoples. Geographic descriptions that apply on our earth don't on this one so the topography and racial densities are totally different. There is a Lana Lang, but there is also a Lois Lane and a Li Lin, all of whom hold places in his heart. Everyone is trained in the martial arts and great tournaments are held to see who is the most proficient. Can even Superboy's more meagre super powers enable him to triumph against the best this world has to offer? The figure is a repainted GI Joe Ninja Force (Storm Shadow I think), along with the cape from a Toy Biz Superman figure. By the way, ever wondered how to tell the difference between the Toy Biz Superman cape and the Superpowers Collection Superman cape? Well, in the bottom photo the Toy Biz cape is at right and the Superpowers is at left. The Superpowers always has a finely inscribed S-sign, while the Toy Biz version is more yellow blobby.

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