Saturday, March 17, 2012

Superboy - Robot Fighter

In my Superboy, roads not taken series of posts, I present Superboy the Robot Fighter. Basically the story goes that Kal-El lands on an alternate earth that has been taken over by robots, ala Magus-Robot Fighter or maybe even the Terminator series of movies. He's raised by a member of the underground who teaches him various martial arts skills because the robots are tough. He also presents Kal with a small needle gun of his own creation (strapped to right thigh) that can take out those pesky robots if you hit 'em in the right spot. Again, Superboy gathers a group of like-minded humans, including Lana Lang, who wear body armor and call themselves the Superboy Action Squad, or the S.A.S. for short. I put this version of Superboy together from a number of GI Joe parts and used the cape from a Superpowers Collection Superman. I thought the sleeveless with gauntlet look was kind of unique. I also liked the idea of Superboy packing heat. After all, since they're just robots you can blow them away and not feel any guilt about it - a rather unique situation for a Superboy to find himself in.

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