Saturday, March 24, 2012

Superboy - Knight

In this roads not taken segment Kal-El's spaceship plunges through a wormhole and back in time to an Arthurian/Camelot type of period. Discovered by the Wizard Ulric the young man he names Clarke comes of age in the court of King Rodderick the Just. Essentially employed as a page in the court, Clarke sees trouble brewing in the kingdom and, using his emerging superpowers, takes on the knightly persona of Super Knight with a suit of armor he fashions himself. He becomes enamored of a young, mystical girl named Leda of the Forrest (on left), who lives alone and seems to posses some magical powers. When the neighboring King Erskine and his mysterious confident Dorkas the Dark Lord conspire to undermine King Rodderick's rule, it will take all of Clarke's powers to stymie them. The knight is from a line of similar figures I found in a gift shop and put the S-symbol and a Toy Biz Superman cape on. Sometimes I find things I can use in the oddest places. The girl was originally a fairy figure by Superior Models, sculpted by John Dennet. I filled in the hole in her back for the wings and painted her.

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