Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Superboy - Gangster

OK, well we had to have at least one bad-boy Superboy in my stream of posts on roads not taken, so here he is. Instead of landing near the Kent farm Kal-El's spaceship ends up on the grounds of an estate owned by the gangster Boss Martinelli. From the outset the childless Martinelli sees the potential of having an adopted son with the powers baby Kal-El is beginning to manifest. He raises the boy, whom he names Robert or Bobby, to share his own vision of the world as a place to exploit and plunder and, although we'd like to think otherwise, Kal-El eases into the role almost effortlessly. Keeping his powers largely secret the Martinelli family soon finds the competition back in Metropolis suddenly disappearing, including both rival gang members and members of the law-enforcement community. By his late teens Bobby is having a great time, with nearly every pretty girl in town just dying to be with him. The only fly in the ointment is Lana Lang, who Bobby had a bit of a crush on in school and who now has set off on a crusade to try to bring the Boss and his protege down with the help of a private detective named Lex Luthor. As for the figures, the party girls on left are 90mm figures from El Viejo Dragon Miniaturas of Spain, while the detective girl on right is another Phoenix Follies figure, originally from England and now produced in France. The Superboy-Bobby figure is again a collection of various GI Joe figure parts. I thought the head had a nice sneery expression that lent himself to the gangster persona.

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