Thursday, April 12, 2012

400th Post - Cathy St. George

You meet a lot of interesting people at comic book, science fiction and horror conventions. People you might not normally even have been aware of who turn out to be attractive and pleasant and interesting individuals. Such a one is Cathy St. George, Playboy playmate for August 1982. She hadn't originally been on my "most see" list but when I happened by her table and we sort of struck up a conversation I was quickly engaged by her pleasant personality. This picture was shot at the Motor City Comic Con in Novi, Michigan outside of Detroit in May 2006. After I met her I discovered she'd been in a few movies over the years, had posed with her sister Toni for a pictorial in the April 1985 issue of Playboy and appeared in a handful of Playboy special edition publications and videos. Aside from being a model and actress she's also a makeup artist. Last I heard she was living in New York so if you run into her at a convention be nice to her and she'll be nice to you.

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