Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Super Sons

I don't think any discussion of alternate world super sprouts would be complete without talking about the Super Sons. Making their appearances in a number of issues of World's Finest Comics in the early to mid-1970's, these were the alternate world children of Superman/Clark Kent and Batman/Bruce Wayne. I don't think the identities of their mothers were ever revealed so you can use you imagination for that, but the boys were now in their late teens and coming into their own as crime fighting wanta-be's. Of course the stories addressed a number of teenage angst types of issues, including the dad's being rather heavy handed at times. Just image being backhanded by Superman and picking yourself up on the backside of the moon. There were a number of interesting tales in the Super Sons story lines and I enjoyed them a great deal. Don't think they ever resolved their fates or futures but maybe I just missed it. As for the figures I need to state upfront that I did not sculpt the Batman, Jr. figure. I picked him up in a cheap figure box at a show when he was painted to be like the 1989 Keaton Batman and, since he was the right size, I used him for Batman, Jr. He does look like he was made using a Marvel Secret Wars figure, maybe Wolverine. To make Superman, Jr. compatible I used a Secret Wars Daredevil and mated it with the head from a Star Gate Danny figure. The capes were both made using T-shirt material.

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