Saturday, April 21, 2012

Logan's Run - Sandmen

For those of you who may not know, Logan's Run was a science fiction novel from 1967 that was turned into a movie in 1976. Marvel Comics did a short (7 issue) comic adaptation of the film, and my action figures are sort of a combination of the movie and comic. Set in a future society where resources are limited the domed city of the story needs to set certain limits on the population. One of these is a 30-year life-span. Although there is a belief that people can "renew" when they hit 30 by going on something called "Carrousel," in reality you're dead at 30. Some people have figured that out and become runners, trying to find an elusive place of promise called Sanctuary. To enforce the laws and chase down runners there is an elite force of Sandmen, who are trained in martial arts and appear to be the only ones armed. They are authorized to hunt down and terminate the runners. Here are four of the Sandmen I did including, at right Logan himself, then his best friend Francis and a couple of others. They were made using a Battlestar Galactica Starbuck figure, Logan also having Starbuck's head. The Francis figure has a Perseus head from Clash of the Titans, while the red head is a GI Joe and on far left is a Mork head. They were painted mostly like the movie characters.

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  1. This is crazy cool and effective! Spotted Mork & LOLed. Way to go:-)