Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Logan's Run - Supporting Cast

Logan's Run had a nice supporting cast populating the fringes of the scenes. People seemed to wear "age appropriate" clothing. For example, younger folk seemed to wear yellow while "of age" people wore green and those nearing age 30 wore red. There was one place Logan and Jessica sort of stumbled through that seemed to be a psychedelic haven of especial debauchery, hence the girl in the middle. The girl on the left I confess I used a straight out of the box Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean (gotta love Keira Knightley), while the figure in the middle is a metal figure from Perth Pewter. The figure at right is a "Red" male made from the body of a Perseus from Clash of the Titans and the head from a Mego Pocket Superheroes Superman figure - bet you wondered what I did with all of those heads, now didn't you??

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