Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lana Lang - Insect Queen

Lana Lang did eventually gain super powers in her own right, after years of trying to convince Superboy to bestow them on her. While out in the woods one day Lana got a telepathic S.O.S. from an alien, who she helped get out from under a fallen limb. The alien gave her a biogenetic ring, which she soon learned gave her the ability to take on the powers of any insect with which she was familiar, earth-based or alien. Over time she became rather adept at using the ring and was even invited to become a reservist in the 30th Century Legion of Superheroes. Now maybe it's just me but how many of you think that a very attractive female would like to have the power of changing into an insect? Sounds like males were writing those stories!! Anyway, as the years went by Lana didn't really use her insect powers very much and even loaned the ring out to Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane on occasion. The figure I used was a "Happy Meal" Invisible Woman figure and the insect parts came off of a set of PVC insect-like figures I don't remember the details about. I'm always on the outlook for parts and pieces I think I can use for a conversion.

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