Sunday, April 22, 2012

Logan's Run - Jessica

As I was saying in my last post, this set of figures is based on Logan's Run the movie and the Marvel Comics adaptation. After terminating a runner Logan finds a strange symbol, an ankh, among the man's possessions. The computer that controls the city recognizes the object as associated with a place called Sanctuary and it sends Logan on a quest to find and destroy Sanctuary. Logan had previously seen a similar piece of jewelry on the girl Jessica. She's wary of a Sandman and even sets him up to be killed, but eventually begins to trust him. She agrees to accompany him when he goes to investigate a disturbance at Cathedral, where the Cubs reside-wild children who live outside the rules of the city. When he doesn't kill a female runner there but is cut by the cubs they decide to visit a clinic where he can be "repaired." The Jessica figure is a metal figure from a fairy line by Perth Pewter. I left off the wings and filled in the hole in her back and removed all the flowers she was wearing and then painted her as a domed city dweller.

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