Monday, April 23, 2012

Logan's Run - Doc and Holly

As I mentioned in my earlier posts the Sandman, Logan-5, is searching for a link to the elusive Sanctuary. One of the runners he had previously terminated apparently had a "face-job" at a place called "New You" and Logan goes there with Jessica. They are greeted by Holly, who seems guileless and friendly, and then meet Doc, who built the machine. It is capable of cutting and then instantly healing with a laser-type beam. Logan says he wants a new face, but as the procedure is beginning Doc gets a mysterious phone call and suddenly the procedure turns deadly. There is a struggle and Doc ends up a victim of his own machine while Holly flees and Logan and Jessica go their own way. Doc is made using another Battlestar Galactica Starbuck figure with the head from some sports figure I believe. Holly is a Glamor Gal figure that I've switched heads and dresses on. She looks guileless and friendly, now doesn't she?

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