Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kid Eternity and Mr. Keeper

Kid Eternity was a Quality Comics character who initially started appearing in Hit Comics and later got his own title. Basically the kid is helping out on his grandfather's steamer when they're torpedoed by a Nazi U-Boat and both end up standing at the pearly gates. Grandpa is allowed in but one of the Heavenly clerks named Mr. Keeper tells the kid that he was taken 75 years too early. The boy, now known as Kid Eternity, is allowed to basically shuttle between heaven and earth in order to bring justice to the living world, with Mr. Keeper along for moral support and guidance. The kid can appear on earth by calling out the word "Eternity" and by using the same word he can summon dead people to help him take care of business. Appearing in 1942 Kid Eternity appears based on the 1941 movie "Here Comes Mister Jordan," where a clerk takes a boxer to heaven too soon. It's actually a fun premise - OK, maybe a little ghoulish - but it allows the kid to call up all sorts of interesting characters. These turned out to not only be dead people but also fantasy characters. My Kid Eternity group takes up half a shelf and I'll share some of them with you over the next several posts. Kid Eternity was made using various GI Joe and Dukes of Hazard parts with the sash made from a cut strip of felt and a little red cotton ball on the end. Mr. Keeper was a Star Wars Rankor Trainer, for whom I managed to exercise my hand sewing skills in fashioning a robe with a piece of twine for his belt.

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