Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Kryptonite Kid

A couple of posts back I introduced a character called the Krypton Kid, but this is a different guy. He started out as a prisoner on the planet Blor - now who would name their planet Blor? Are they called Blorites? Anyway, he volunteers for a space mission with the test dog because he can get a shortened sentence when he comes back. I don't think he ever did return to Blor - and who could blame him? Anyway, the spaceship just happens to pass through a Kryptonite cloud and then, because obviously he knows that Superboy lives there, he pilots the spaceship to earth. Exposure to Kryptonite has given him the ability to turn anything he wishes into that element, plus he has some natural telepathic abilities. He bedevils Superboy through several stories, both by himself and with other villains, but is always foiled by the boy of steel. Don't think his real name was ever mentioned, just that he was from the planet Blor. They don't even mention a name for the dog. Now what kid doesn't name his dog? Maybe someone from the planet Blor. I used a variety of GI Joe and related parts to make the Kryptonite Kid. Not sure where I found the dog but he matches the dog in the comic pretty well.

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