Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Joe broke - whatever will I do??!!

So you wake up one morning and pass by the nice display case where you have all your G.I. Joes lined neatly on display and - gasp, one of them has fallen over! Worse yet, it's come apart at the waist!! Now I had assumed that most rabid Joe collectors knew what to do at this point but one revealed to me recently he didn't so I thought I'd put together a little primer on how to fix a Joe. First you will need to visit a hardware store and go to the plumbing department. They have little rubber O-rings in baggies or plastic boxes and you may want to select a couple of sizes. You can also get these online, I see people on ebay selling them, but they're probably charging a lot. Then you will also need a Philips screw driver and a small knife - I prefer ones that aren't too sharp for this. When you have everything assembled take a look at the back of the Joe body and you will see a hole at the bottom of which is a Philips screw. Unscrew it. Then, with the small knife, slip the blade between the joint where the body parts meet and prise them apart. You can now see that the O-ring that was holding your Joe together has broken and is probably brittle. Remove any excess from the little hook the O-ring attaches to. Then take the new O-ring and put it into the hook. Then you need to very carefully take the pelvic section and slip the O-ring up through it and then work the piece down until it settles ontop of the legs. Be very careful with this procedure because if you try to force it the cod-piece at the front of the pelvic section will snap off. I sometimes use my screw driver to hold the O-ring as I work the pelvic section over the hook. Once that is in place take the rear body half and fit the O-ring around the circular section that has the screw hole in it. Then sort of hold the upper body section back, applying some tension to the O-ring and fit the arms into the appropriate places - be careful not to switch the right and left as you're doing this. Then gingerly put the front body half into place and snap them together. I always leave the head as a separate evolution because otherwise you're trying to manage too many parts at once and the thing flies apart. Once you have it together, use the small knife to gently pry the two body parts a little bit apart, just so you can slip the head into place, then snap it back together. At that point all you need to do is screw the Philips screw back into place and your Joe will stand up sturdy and proud again. I hope maybe this helps some of you - I've been many years working out the procedure.

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