Thursday, April 5, 2012


Lana Lang, like Lois Lane afterwards, was always trying to trick Clark Kent into revealing that he was secretly Superboy. She came up with all kinds of tricks to do this, but they seemed never to work. This time, however, she got a little taste of her own medicine. Lana's father, who's an archaeologist, comes home with a strange belt which just happens to fit Lana. Turns out it provides her with some apparent superpowers, like the power of flight and some level of strength and immunity to bullets. So, of course, with the approval of her father, she adopts the identity of Sky-Girl and sallies forth to battle crime alongside the boy of steel. Of course the tables were turned and Superboy and Clark Kent are now sort of hounding Sky-Girl to find out her secret identity, hence the mask by the way, which is made of lead to shield her from Superboy's X-Ray vision. At the end the belt is deemed more dangerous than its worth and Superboy disposes of it but does that teach Lana the error of her ways and make her no longer want to hound the boy of steel about his secret identity? Well, maybe for about fifteen minutes. Sky-Girl was made from a "Happy Meal" Catwoman figure, with the mask sculpted. The skirt and cape are made from T-Shirt material.

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