Saturday, April 14, 2012

Krypton Kid

This is a character I remember from my youth that I rediscovered in the pages of one of DC's 80-page Giant comics. He is really Zar-Al from Krypton, who's father believes what Jor-El is saying about Krypton being doomed and sends his son forward in time to earth in a search for Zeelium, which he believes will prevent the uranium core from exploding. Reaching earth Zar-Al meets Superboy, explains his mission, and for his stay on earth adopts the identity of the Krypton Kid. The two boys have super adventures together but the Kid is able to out-think Superboy on a couple of problems they confront, getting the boy-of-steel to believe that he is inferior in some ways to the Kid. When the Kid claims to have discovered Zeelium and is returning to Krypton, Superboy takes his place. However, the Krypton Kid has discovered a secret. Years of intermittent exposure to Kryptonite has served to make Superboy less sensitive to that nasty stuff, but the Krypton Kid has no such immunity and in the end it is the Kid who returns to meet his doom, alongside his father back on Krypton. Kind of a sad story but I always liked the costume and it was one of my earlier conversions. I (again) used a CHIPS Jimmy Squeaks figure and the head from a fashion doll boyfriend figure.

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