Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vidal - the Substitute Superboy

OK, here we have another of those convoluted logic kind of stories I apparently love so well - at least I seem to read a lot of them. Anyway, while Superboy is off in space Ma and Pa Kent decide they're lonely and agree to adopt a young man for a month until the orphanage gets their new wing built. Turns out his name is Vidal and he's from another world and has superpowers, although slightly different from Superboy's. He then fills in for the boy of steel, making the Kents suspicious of his motives. Turns out Vidal is a member of the Intergalactic Patrol who recently discovered that Superboy was an orphan of Krypton and commissioned Vidal to seek out a kindly foster family so Superboy wouldn't have to be lonely on earth. Of course the Kent's agree and Superboy is now happy with his "new" foster parents. Sounds like the Intergalactic Patrol should do a better job with their homework. This is the only appearance of the Intergalactic Patrol I'm aware of but I thought they might be a rather interesting group to follow. Oh well, they're probably lost in the maelstrom of the Silver Age. As for the figure, Vidal was made using a CHIPS Jimmy Squeaks figure and the head from a GI Joe. I get a lot of mileage out of Squeaks. The other three are Patrol members, the smaller one using a Mego Pocket Superheroes Batman figure and a random head. The other two are Toy Biz Spider-Man bodies, Superman legs, Daredevil arms and the heads from a couple of random spaceman figures.

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