Tuesday, September 11, 2012

CAW - Leadership

Over the next two posts I'm presenting that rancid, violent, international terrorist organization known as CAW - short for the Criminal Alliance of the World. OK, where do they come up with these names. CAW?? They were scraping the bottom of the acronym bucket for this one. Talk about a name that would NOT strike terror in the minds of whoever heard it, this is one of them. Anyway, this was a group that gave Hawkman and his lady a little bit of a run for their money back in Hawkman No 14, June-July 1966. I thought I'd split them up into two parts, presenting the leadership today and then the troops in my next post. I don't think they named any of these guys in the story, but they're all wearing suits so we know they have to be bad guys. The one on the left is a little more conventional. He was made using a McDonough figure from Spy Kids-2 and the head from a GI Joe. The middle one was made using the body of a Raiders of the Lost Ark Toht and another GI Joe head, and I did his fez from Skulpy. The one on the right was made using the body from a Remco Dracula figure and the head from a Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Draco, again with headgear crafted from Skulpy with a crystal added for a little flash.

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