Friday, September 21, 2012


David Clinton had been a petty crook all his life and spent a good deal of time in jail for it. He decided that the reason he kept getting caught was because he didn't plan well enough and, admiring the clock-work precision of things in jail, he decided to link his crimes to clocks. Studying everything he could about time pieces and working on his plans in the prison workshop (maybe he should have just got out and got a job) Clinton started creating a variety of clock-themed weapons. These included an exploding hourglass, a wristwatch that fires its sharpened hands and a device that could actually slow time itself, as well as his normal mode of transport - a flying sun-dial. Calling himself Chronos he began his crime spree in Ivy Town, bringing him into conflict with the Atom. Guess what?? He ended up being defeated by Atom and sent back to jail. Repeatedly. These guys really need to find themselves another line of work. For the Chronos conversion I used a Mattel Secret Wars Daredevil figure and the head from a GI Joe Destro figure. There is actually a lot of detail to his costume, with the striped pants, arrows on his arms and the symbol on his chest. I used the yellow cape from a Toy Biz Robin cape to finish him off.

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