Thursday, September 27, 2012


Ira Quimby was another one of those small-time, mostly not very successful, criminals the comic book universe seems to be positively replete with. Then the fellow whose crimal friends referred to as I.Q., both as his initials and because he wasn't very bright, visited the museum. Suddenly he was having flashes of brilliance and was creating various devices to aid him and his buddies in their criminal endeavors. That included his aeroshoes, which allowed them to "skate" on thin air. Now why didn't he just market the aeroshoes and make a fortune? If he was so damn smart why didn't he figure that out? Anyway, I.Q.'s crime spree turned out to be powered by alien stones at the museum that, when exposed to sulight, gave him those amazing mental powers. Of course he was ignominiously defeated by Hawkman and Hawk Girl and sent to prison. Then he broke out and then was sent back to jail. Oh, I'm sure you see the trend. Should have marketed those aeroshoes.... When I came to doing a figure of I.Q. I selected various GI Joe parts for the conversion. The main challenge was the goggles he wore, which I made from epoxy putty. Maybe some day I'll find something I can use for his aeroshoes.

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