Saturday, September 29, 2012

Turtle Man

The very first villain in the very first Silver Age Flash story back in Showcase No. 4, September 1956 was the Turtle Man. While he would later go on to accumulate more paraphernalia, he started out as a slightly rotund, slow moving and even slower speaking criminal who took his time in committing crime. Turtle Man... believed... that... moving... slowly... would... help... him... in... committing... his... crimes.... In that first issue the Flash proved him wrong. Turtle Man also had costumes with a turtle-like shell on his back and so on, but as slow as he moves it probably would have taken him forever just to get dressed. I will confess that sometimes I take the easy path to creating characters. In this case I thought Turtle Man looked a lot like the Jurassic Park Nedry figure so that's what I used and after a little paint job I had my Turtle Man.

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