Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ocean Master

This conversion is a case of sometimes procrastinating can actually payoff. Ocean Master was a villain of Aquaman and on top of that was also his half brother. I suppose it would be like any kid growing up in the shadow of a more capable or talented sibling, it can really screw you up in the head. And so it was with Orm Curry, half brother to Arthur Curry, who's father had met and mated with a mermaid. He had remarried and then Orm came along. Angry and resentful Orm created the Ocean Master persona for himself and began exploiting the oceans in a negative way, including the looting of Atlantean cities. This, of course, brought him into conflict with his brother, Aquaman, on numerous occasions. My biggest problem when I was looking at doing this conversion was the helmet he wears. Finally I found one as an accessory to another figure (I really do not remember which one) and then I used a Toy Biz Daredevil figure for the rest of it. Aside from the helmet, which I did not want to try to build from scratch, it was basically just a paint job. For the cape I used T-shirt material with a piece of cord attached, held in place by two brass-headed nails.

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