Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Count Vertigo

The count was really a count and member of the royal family of Vlatava, a fictional small Balkan country that was taken over by the Soviet Union at the end of World War II - or so the story goes. When the royal family fled the country they took the crown jewels with them and sold them abroad. The count apparently vowed to get them back and, unable to afford them, decided that theft was his best option. Since childhood Vertigo had suffered from an inner ear defect that affected his sense of balance. He had an electronic device implanted in his right temple that not only sorted out his own balance, but could also affect other people's sense of balance. He also had some magnetic boots that helped him walk on ceilings and walls - but not in my house because it's all wood, I think. Anyway, he kept coming up against the Black Canary and her paramour Green Arrow and ended up spending various periods of time in jail. I rather liked the look of Count Vertigo so I used a Toy Biz Cloak body and the head from a Hasbro electricity-powered Superman for the head. The cape I sewed together and then did some of the design work inside with a felt tip I seem to remember. My version does not have magnetic boots so he doesn't stick to the walls, but sometimes I feel a little dizzy when I walk by him.

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