Friday, September 14, 2012

Radiation Roy

I don't normally link my blog posts to what's happening in my life, but yesterday I underwent a CT scan where they inject the radioactive iodine into you and see what lights up. So I thought I would feature a radiation-themed villain, Radiation Roy, member of the 30th Century Legion of Super Villains. He had a genetic abnormality passed down from his Russian ancestors - and we know they had a few radiation problems - which caused him to develop an overenergized metabolism which he can release in the form of a radioactive paralysis beam. He applied to the Legion of Superheroes but they thought his power was too dangerous, so he applied to the Legion of Super Villains and they rather liked his power. The figure was made from a Mork from Ork body and the head from a GI Joe Salvo figure. The shoulder frills were cut from card, which I painted.


  1. Does the Legion of Super Villains actually
    have an official application "process"??

    I always thought you just had to be really powerful & really, really, really evil.


  2. Being a LSH reject also seems to help a lot. I notice a lot of them went down that path. I have a bunch more LSV figures I'll probably post in future.