Friday, September 28, 2012

Phantom Atom

While conducting an experiment in his lab at Ivy Town University Ray Palmer, secretly the Atom, is caught in an explosion that exposes him to radiation. This radiation creates a Phantom version of Ray/Atom with all of his size-changing powers. The Phantom, as one might expect, explores ways he might become tangible, even if it's at the expense of his prototype. The Phantom learns that he can use an opal ring to exchange places with the real Ray/Atom, but in the ensuing battle the real Atom throws the ring into a raging fire. Then Ray/Atom turns the Phantom's size-changing device on his belt down so that the Phantom basically shrinks away into oblivion. Sounds like a tidy way of disposing of the body. But don't feel too bad - the Phantom had learned that if it didn't switch places with the real Ray/Atom it would have died anyway. Don't you feel better now? I created my original version of the Atom using a Superior Models 25mm figure called Captain Crusher. It took a little filing to clean up the costume a bit but overall was a pretty straightforward conversion. When I discovered the Phantom Atom story I basically repeated the process using paler paints.

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