Monday, September 3, 2012

Sathar Spaceships

OK, I'll freely admit I'm a procrastinator. I routinely put things off - even some I'm looking forward to - for one reason or another. I had bought these space ships and had them sort of laying about for a long time without painting them. The large ships (I have four of the big ones, four of the medium size and six of the smaller ones) required some assembly. The body had two halves, the tail section was separate and there were two loose engine pods, so five parts total. I had put all the body parts together but I had only ever assembled one completely and put it on a base, which proved not up to the task of holding it up over time. Recently I decided where these ships should fit in my collection and what the paint scheme should be on them so I broke down and assembled the big ships and put them on strong bases while I was painting the smaller ones. Then I painted the big ones. I'm showing examples of all three sizes here. I should point out that these were produced by TSR Miniatures for their Star Frontiers line and were called Sathar Ships. The date on the box was 1983 so it didn't quite take me thirty years to get them done. I do eventually get to things.

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