Saturday, September 8, 2012

Galactic Golem

The Galactic Golem was a construct of Lex Luthor, designed to draw energy from starlight. It was really designed to destroy Superman - that did seem to be Lex's all-consuming obsession back in the 1970's - well, and the 1960's, and sort of in the 1980's - OK, that was Lex's obsession. Anyway, in their first encounter Superman threw the Golem into space, but he made a comeback. In the second encounter Superman covered the Golem with magnetic metal and left him as a nice metallic mound at the North Pole with the entire magnetic force of the earth holding him in place. That was his last appearance in original form, although the name was used later for an alien creation - not the same guy. When doing the figure I used the body from a Mattel Captain Simian Nebula and the head from a DC Despero with the top-knot removed.

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